Dog missing for 12 years reunites with family after being picked up as stray

It’s always heartbreaking when a pet goes missing, but it’s important to never lose hope: sometimes miracles happen and dogs are found even years after they went missing — sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

That was the case for one old dog, who was found abandoned but ended up being reunited with the family who lost her 12 years ago.

According to a Facebook post, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, in California, responded to a call on February 10 about a stray dog who had been dropped off at a rural property, and was reportedly “old and unwell.”


ASO Levin of the sheriff’s office picked up the poor old dog, and scanned her microchip to hopefully identify an owner.

The officers were stunned by what they discovered: the dog, named Zoey, had been missing for 12 years!

Michelle, the long-lost dog’s owner from Benicia, California, says she adopted Zoey from the pound when she was just 6-months-old, along with her twin sister.

But six months after the adoption, Zoey went missing, and she hadn’t seen her since.

She never expected to get a call about her old dog 12 years later. “Honestly, I’m still in shock, like, I definitely didn’t expect this to ever happen,” she said.


A video shared by the sheriff’s department shows the moment the owner reunited with her dog after so many years apart.

Zoey is now 13 years old. It’s not clear where she’s been all these years, but the important thing is that she’s finally back home. While Zoey is no longer a pup and seems to be in poor shape, Michelle is hoping she can take care of her old friend and make her comfortable in her twilight years.

“I’m really excited… to get her back, get her healthy,” Michelle said. “And let her live the rest of her life.”

What a miracle! We’re so glad Zoey is finally going home after all these years!

It’s a reminder to get your pets microchipped — that’s what makes reunions like this possible!

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