Dog missing for 6 days after rollover accident found safe on New Year’s Eve

On Christmas morning the Stevensons of Woodhaven, Michigan were traveling to visit family when they hit a slick spot on the highway. Their vehicle flipped several times before it came to a stop.

“Just a couple scratches to [be] honest. Even the Christmas presents didn’t get scratched. I don’t understand,” Wade Stevenson said.

Wade nor his wife Ruth or their four-year-old daughter Hazel were injured, but their one-year-old Golden Retriever, Red bolted after the accident.

Auburn Hills police, volunteers, and animal control spent countless hours searching for Red. The Golden Retriever was spotted multiple times, but no one was able to capture him.

Then Michael James, Director of Lending a Helping Paw Dog Rescue, stepped up.

“We’re just hoping with the scent and the food together it will actually draw him in,” James said.

James used the Stevensons’ scent, food, and several strategically placed live traps in an effort to capture Red.

In addition to James’ efforts, volunteers helped look for Red, shared his photo on Facebook, and collected information from a Facebook page the Stevensons set up.

Then on New Years’ Eve, Michael spotted something in one of his traps.

“I cried,” James said.

Red had been caught!

We have him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Michael!!!!!!

Posted by Wade Stevenson on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The one-year-old Golden Retriever was taken to a vet where it was determined that he had suffered a sprained leg.

Now that Red is back home, the Stevensons are extremely thankful that they’re starting off the new year with every member of their family. Even those involved in the search are grateful that Red was able to be reunited with his family.

“It’s been an emotional experience and I got very close to the family,” James said.


Posted by Barbara Odell Kalthoff on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

To see how many people helped look for Red, “it opens your eyes to how many people actually do care,” Ruth said.

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