Dog left chained up at beach last year finds a perfect new home: ‘His best days are ahead’

It’s always shocking how cruel some people can be to dogs. We’ve seen too many stories of people abandoning pets, leaving them chained up and left for dead.

But thankfully, there are also kind people willing to step up and give these poor dogs a second chance. Recently, one dog who was left chained to a pole last summer has found a new home and a great new life.

According to Boston 25 News, the dog, a 50-pound pit bull mix, was found on the shore of Short Beach, in Revere, Massachusetts, last August. The dog was chained to a steel pole and a large rock, making it impossible for him to escape.

It was also in an area of the shore that floods with water during high tide. If the dog hadn’t been found, he would have drowned within hours.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case: he was found by bystanders in time and rescued. Meanwhile, after a police investigation, the dog’s former owner was found and charged with animal cruelty, saying he did it because he didn’t want the dog anymore.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, the pit bull mix was brought to a kennel and then to Sweet Paws Rescue. And yesterday, the department shared an inspiring update to the dog’s story.

A man named Bobby Shannon met the dog and they “won each other’s hearts,” and he decided to adopt him for good. He named him “Horus,” after the Egyptian god of the sky.

“He had a rough start to his life but is doing amazing now,” Bobby said, according to a post from the state police. “He is very smart, doing well with his training, and loves hikes.”

Massachusetts State Police shared the good news, happy to see that the dog they helped save nearly a year ago has found such a happy ending, finally “secure knowledge that a future of love and happiness awaits.”

“We can see that he has a great home and family now,” they wrote.
Thank you, Bobby, for giving this very good boy a great life. We found Horus on his worst day. Now all his best days are ahead.”

What an inspiring end to this sad story. We’re so glad Horus has a perfect new home — he deserves it after all he’s been through.

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