Dog leaves ball in grass, but keep an eye on the unexpected playmate who shows up

It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, an adult or even a dog — we all love playing with new toys and gadgets.

I give my golden retriever a new toy every so often, and every time, she has a blast playing with it.

The dog in this story was all set to play with her new toy, too, but everything changed when an unexpected playmate showed up.

The dog Lupe is a rambunctious dog who loves to run and play.

She has a big yard outside her house where she can run, jump and play with her toys in the soft grass.

Image Source: YouTube/Samantha Ng

Forgot her ball in the grass

One day, Lupe went back inside after playtime but forgot her ball out on the lawn. But looked out the window at it, she saw someone else playing with it…

But it wasn’t a dog.

Image Source: YouTube/Samantha Ng

A fox was jumping around, playing with Lupe’s ball and throwing it all over the place.

All Lupe could do was watch the fox throwing her ball in the air and jumping for joy.

Image Source: YouTube/Samantha Ng

“I want my toy back”

Lupe wasn’t too impressed by the fox’s moves. Maybe she was saying, “That’s my toy. You can’t have it!” or “Put it back now!”

Even though Lupe was growling and barking, the fox didn’t seem to care at all. It actually looks like the fox had no idea that it was throwing the ball right in front of Lupe’s eyes.

Image Source: YouTube/Samantha Ng

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the fox ran away and took the toy with it. But clearly, even though Lupe wasn’t that happy about it, the fox had a lot of fun.

Who doesn’t like playing with toys?

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