Dog is saved after surviving house fire, and becomes a symbol of hope for rescues

So many rescue dogs have to endure so much before finding their forever home. That’s the story for one poor pup, who survived a terrifying ordeal and a long recovery.

But now she’s living her best life… and hopes to provide a symbol of hope for rescue pets everywhere.

Aya was just a small puppy when her life was suddenly imperiled: her house in North Carolina caught fire, trapping her inside. As flames destroyed the home, firefighters spotted her tail from under a pile of clothes, and while she was found unresponsive, they got her to safety.


While she survived, her future wasn’t certain: she suffered severe burns on 75% of her body and lost two toes.

Making things worse, the dog was abandoned, meaning there was no one to take care of her throughout all this trauma.

But Aya was taken in by the Asheville Human Society, who cared for her for three months as she underwent surgeries to restore her burnt skin.


For this dog, recovery is a day-to-day process, and she’s still undergoing further surgeries for her burns.

But luckily, things turned around for Aya in a big way: she found her forever home!

Aya was adopted by Dorothy Williams, who says that despite everything the dog has been through it hasn’t hurt her bright personality.

“She makes us laugh every day,” Dorothy told WLOS. “She keeps us on our toes.”

And on top of that, Aya is now up for a major honor: she’s a finalist in the Pibborafi Rescue Hero Contest, a contest that highlights rescue dogs by honoring one of them with their own plush toy.

Aya’s owners believe she’s a perfect candidate for the contest because her story shows how rescue dogs can recover from even the worst circumstances and live their best lives.

“You can still have a great life, it’s just a little bit different life than you planned,” Dorothy said. “But you can still have a wonderful, full life, so second chances are really amazing.”

“She never gave up and neither did our community,” Aya’s post for the contest reads. “She is the funniest dog with a zest for life. She loves her people and her special needs do not slow her down.”

Through the contest they are also raising money for Ashville Humane Society, where Aya was rescued from. Voting has now ended, but our fingers are crossed that this good dog wins and gets to become a plushie.

We’re so happy for Aya! We hope she’ll continue to recover and live the great life she deserves.

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