Dog is reunited with his favorite squeaky toy for the first time in five years

Dog is reunited with his favorite squeaky toy for the first time in five years

Every dog has that one favorite toy they can’t live without. Whether it’s a simple plush doll or squeaky toy, it’s the one they’ll turn to every time.

At the same dogs aren’t exactly delicate with their toys, so sometimes those favorite playthings get worn down and thrown out after too much rough play.

But as one adorable viral video shows, dogs will stay loyal even after years apart… even to their toys.


YouTuber KyleJasonLowell uploaded a video of his dog, Finn. As a puppy, Finn was obsessed with a squeaky pig toy.

The pup eventually destroyed the pig, and his owners went through a few replacements before moving on to “more durable toys.”

But five years later, they gave Finn a big surprise…


…the squeaky pig toy, the same one he had as a puppy!

It had been five whole years since he went through his last squeaky toy, but Finn seems to immediately recognize the distinct squeaky sound of “Piggy.”

Once he has the toy in his mouth, he quickly starts playing with it like he’s a puppy again.


It’s adorable to see. Anyone who has picked up their favorite toy from when they were a kid can relate to this moment. It’s amazing to think that dogs can be “nostalgic” for their childhood things just like we are.

The video has gone viral with over 2 million views on YouTube. Many commenters say the puppy’s playtime made them tear up.

While Finn had outgrown the pig toys over the years, it’s also clear that he missed the old toy… and knows to take it easy this time:

“Oddly enough he’s being very gentle with this one,” his owner wrote in a YouTube comment. “Carries it carefully from room to room.” Hopefully he takes care of Piggy and their adorable reunion lasts a long time!

How precious! It’s amazing how much dogs love their favorite toys, even after years apart. Share this adorable story!