Dog found wandering the streets with with a message in a bottle on her collar

For so many people living through this pandemic, staying safe and healthy is only half the battle.

One man lost his job and house during these tough times and could no longer keep his loyal dog Roadie.

It’s not clear how he let his dog go, but he made sure she had her story written down on a note, which he put in a bottle and attached it to her collar.

Jeremy Pell/Dodo

A passerby found the German shepherd mix called Roadie wandering the streets of Franklin, Indiana, confused and desperately trying to find her way home.

She was taken to Johnson County Animal Control shelter where staff discovered the note explaining her situation.

Johnson County Animal Control/Dodo

The note said that she was healthy and well-trained and once a loved dog, spoiled by her owner who gave her “her own couch and memory foam bed” along with food such as steak, chicken and rice.

Roadie was in good health and just needed a home.

Michael Delp, the director of the shelter, said they were even able to trace Roadie’s original owner and get him the help he needed.

Meanwhile, fire chief Jeremy Pell saw Roadie’s story in the local newspaper and knew she’d be a perfect fit to train in search and rescue at the station.

Johnson County Animal Control/Dodo

The chief of the White River Township Fire Department and reserve sheriff deputy decided to visit the shelter so he could meet Roadie and see if she was suitable for training.

Roadie passed all her tests with flying colors and now has a new family and career going to the office every day with her new dad.

“She’s bonded to me,” Jeremy said, as per the Dodo.


“She looks to me for guidance and acceptance and she tries to do her job. She thinks that she should bark at people she doesn’t know, but when I tell her that it’s OK … I get these soulful, caring eyes and it’s almost as if she’s apologizing.

“She will sit beautifully, look me in the eye, lay her ears down and very slowly lift her paw up to touch me.”

Roadie has been renamed Rosie Grace as a symbol of her new beginning.

“All our dogs have middle names, so she’s Rosie Grace,” Jeremy said, “because it’s by God’s grace that she was found and got a new career, and we’re hoping to take her from rescued to rescuer.”

Jeremy Pell/Dodo

I’m so glad that this dog wasn’t only rescued but now has a job where she is needed and may potentially save lives in the future.

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