Dog found alone in hot car wearing a diaper is then returned to owners

For anyone passing a certain car in the parking lot of a tourist attraction in British Columbia the sight was shocking.

One police officer said in her 20 years of policing she’d never seen anything like it.

A dog was left in a hot car for several hours wearing a diaper while her owners went on a hike in Squamish, British Columbia (BC).

The dog had been left in the car in the parking lot of Sea to Sky Gondola, a Canadian tourist attraction which also includes hiking trails and a suspension bridge.

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Those passing the car were alarmed at the dog being left alone inside on such a hot day with no ventilation and alerted authorities.

The poor pup is thought to have been left for at least two hours in the car where temperatures had hit 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

‘Quite upsetting’

The police and BC SPCA showed up and freed the poor pup who was visibly shaken, according to Global News.

Sea to Sky General Manager Kirby Brown said: “There was thought put into the length of time the dog was going to spend in the car and I find that quite upsetting.”

Dog left in hot car in Squamish wearing a diaper returned to ...
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Staff sergeant Jolain Percival: “In my 20 years of policing I’ve never had a dog that was in a diaper at the time. I think it’s disturbing because we’d hope that responsible dog owners wouldn’t leave their pets in unattended vehicles.”

The family came back and claimed their dog but wouldn’t be fined more than $300 as the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act states such charges are only placed in situations where the pet dies or shows more evidence of suffering.

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It shocks and appalls me the number of dog owners who leave their animals in hot cars, they wouldn’t consider doing it to a human, why a helpless animal?

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