Dog finds help for her sick owner who fell

A little dog ran panicked back and forth on the busy street. She was clearly stressed and afraid – it was as though she was looking for something.

A couple spotted the dog and decided to intervene. It did not take long before they realized that the dog had something very important to show them.

The incident played out in Costa Rica at the end of November.

Milagro Muñoz Araya and her husband were in a car outside of the vet clinic where Milagro worked. That’s when they caught sight of a dog running around in the street

They saw immediately that the dog was acting strangely. She seemed nervous, and as though she was looking for something.

Chose to follow her

The couple decided to investigate. They parked the car and approached the dog.

When they got closer they realized that the dog wanted them to follow her. She wanted to show them something.

After following the dog for a few minutes, they saw what she wanted to show them. There was a man lying on the ground with a crutch next to him. He was injured and needed an ambulance.

He was the dog’s owner.

Posted by Milagro Muñoz Araya on Friday, 1 December 2017


After a while, the ambulance arrived and took the man. The dog lay on his stomach and wanted to accompany him. She was terribly worried about her owner. Unfortunately, the dog could not accompany the man to the hospital, so they had to say goodbye before the ambulance drove off.

Posted by Milagro Muñoz Araya on Friday, 1 December 2017


But the story doesn’t end there!

The next day Milagro Muñoz Araya learned a little more about the man she had helped.

Very poor

His name was Don Jorge, he was very poor and lived with his dog in a truck. He had a problem with his leg, which made it difficult for him to go to the pharmacy and get the medicine he needed. But luckily he had a kind neighbor who usually helped him.

Milagro also offered to help Don. She took the dog to the clinic she worked at and sprayed and de-wormed her for free.

Posted by Milagro Muñoz Araya on Sunday, 3 December 2017


This story warmed my heart. Don clearly doesn’t have it easy in life, but he has a dog who loves him and would do anything for him.

What a kind gesture from Milagro. It’s so important to spare a thought for the people who have it hard, especially during the Christmas season.

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