Playful dog crashes church service – the priest’s response leaves everyone in fits of laughter

Religious services usually help people to reach a certain level of calm so they can consider their spirituality and appreciate the educational environment it offers.

In order to feel that strong connection a certain level of calm is required so members can contemplate their faith.

But when a playful dog bounded into one church service in Brazil, he created quite the opposite. However, the priest’s reaction left everyone with a smile on their face.

At the Senhora das Dores parish in Brazil, mass was being held by priest José Geraldo Sobreira.

As the priest was addressing members with a microphone in hand, a random dog strolled in and made a beeline for the priest.

Almost drawn to his words the dog sat at the priest’s feet and began to play.

The priest’s reaction is priceless

But, instead of shooing the dog away, the priest embraced the dog and let him roll around at his feet.

I don’t know who is happier, the priest or the dog.

Watch the video of the adorable encounter in the clip below. Millions have already viewed it on Facebook.

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Despite having no idea where this furry friend came from, some have interpreted the arrival of the dog as something spiritual, according to The Dodo.

“Every day that passes, I understand that animals are in this world to learn about what real love is, and that all people should spread love,” one user wrote on Facebook.

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