Dog believed to be part wolf is looking for a home

All dogs are descended from wolves, and the two species still share a lot in common. In fact, it is possible for dogs and wolves to mate, resulting in hybrid “wolfdogs.”

But ownership of wolf-dog hybrids has long been a contentious issue, and has been the subject of many laws and regulations throughout the US.

That’s the issue for a dog named Zeus, who is believed to be one-third wolf — and is now looking for a home somewhere where it’s legal.

The Potter League For Animals, in Rhode Island, currently homes a very unique dog: Zeus is believed to be one-third German Shepherd, one-third Husky, and one-third wolf.

While the shelter is still awaiting DNA test results, a previous owner and breeder confirmed to them that he is a third wolf. Looking at his face, it’s not hard to spot the distinguished wolf-like features.

Despite being partly a “wild animal,” Zeus is said to be a very good dog.

“Zeus is about as fine a canine specimen as you could possibly imagine,” the shelter wrote. “He is wonderfully magical to watch as he walks. His movements are mesmerizing, and he looks like he just walked out of a scene from Twilight.”

Like all dogs, all Zeus really wants is a home to call his own — but his part wolf DNA complicates things. Many states prohibit or restrict wolf hybrid ownership. Rhode Island is one of the states that prohibits wolfdogs, as do nearby states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York.

But other states allow wolfdogs, and the shelter is hoping that someone where it is legally allowed will adopt Zeus. The closest states that allow ownership are Vermont and New Jersey, although owners from further away states are also welcome to apply.

The shelter writes that Zeus has a medical condition that makes him prone to seizures, but he takes medicine to manage it. He has lived most of his life as an indoor dog, and has lived with other dogs, cats and kids.

Hopefully somewhere there is a suitable owner who can give this sweet dog a great (and legal) home. “He is incredibly affectionate and silly, and loves to be pet, snuggled, and loved on,” Potter League wrote.

If you are interested in adopting Zeus and live in a state that allows wolf-dog hybrids (be sure to check your local laws) you can reach out to Potter League For Animals.

If not, be sure to share this story so word about Zeus can spread far and wide — let’s help Zeus get a home ❤️🐾