Disabled dog missing after car is stolen — days later she’s found dead

On October 3, Wanda Ferrari stepped inside a Dollar General in Oakland Park, Florida for just a moment. She left her car running, the air conditioning on, and her 13-year-old dog Zorra in the backseat.

When she returned, her car and beloved dog were gone.

“If you have her please bring her back.”

Wanda told CBS 4 that she was in shock when she realized what happened.

“Who would take a car with a dog? They probably didn’t know,” she said.

Zorra, whose rear legs were paralyzed, used a wheelchair to get around. At the time she was not in her wheelchair.

The Husky Shepherd mix had been a constant companion and provided Wanda with extra comfort during a second battle with breast cancer.

“She’s been my whole life. I rescued her and she rescued me.”

A $3,000 reward was being offered for anyone who had information that would lead to the safe return of the disabled dog.

On Monday, after days of searching, there was an update.

“It is with a broken heart that I have to announce that Zorra has been found deceased,” Jamie Katz, a private investigator working on locating the dog, wrote on Facebook.

Katz also shared surveillance video from the Dollar General in hopes that someone is able to identify the suspect.

Posted by PI Jamie Katz on Monday, October 7, 2019

Police did not release any additional information about the case except that the car had been located after a towing company contacted police, and Zorra was deceased.

No arrests have been made, but everyone who wished for Zorra’s safe return wants the person who is responsible for the disabled dog’s death to be held responsible.

I certainly hope the person who is responsible for Zorra’s death is found and brought to justice.

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