Disabled dog dumped by owner twice in one day finds loving home

I will simply never know how people can abandon or give up their pets. For me, animals that you welcome into your home become part of your family, and the idea of getting rid of them simply because they no longer suit your lifestyle is a horrid one.

One particular story that resonated with me recently concerns a three-legged dog who was abandoned not once, but twice in the same day.

As per reports, Tintin, of San Leopoldo in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, was brought back home after a woman found him on the street and thought he was lost. However, that very same day, his owner drove him out and dumped him again.

Credit / Twitter

Fortunately, Tintin’s story had a good ending. He was taking in by Patas Guerreras animal charity and a new, loving family was found to adopt him.

The charity said Tintin is doing “exceptionally well” despite the trauma he must have experienced, and that his new family are showering him with “love and care.”

Footage of Tintin’s original owner actually made its way to Facebook, where it was viewed over 220,000 times and met with fierce backlash. In the video, the owner can be seen opening the door to let two dogs out.

She then encourages the other dog to hop back in the car, before pushing Tintin away despite his front leg not being strong enough to hold him up.


Yet Tintin managed to make his way home, only to be taken out and dumped again by the woman’s husband. Local media say the dog received over 30 adoption offers after the video appeared on social media.

These sorts of videos simply break my heart. There is simply no excuse for such behavior whatsoever, and I hope the people responsible for abandoning Tintin are met with the justice they deserve.

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