Deputy braves gator-filled Florida swamp to rescue lost, stuck dog

Sometimes dogs get themselves stuck in some pretty difficult places, and need human help getting free.

Thankfully, these pets can always depend on local emergency responders to come to the rescue, going above-and-beyond to save the day.

That was the case recently, after one officer went into a Florida swamp to get a lost dog to safety.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, a dog named Henna got lost and ended up stuck in the Florida mangroves.


Mangrove swamps are a distinct part of the ecosystem of coastal Florida, and they can be dangerous. It’s easy to get stuck in the thick swamp water, and the mangroves are home to alligators and crocodiles.

So when this dog was in danger, one deputy went above-and-beyond to save her.

According to the sheriff’s office, Deputy Allen Reddick “didn’t hesitate for a second,” jumping into the thick swamp to grab Henna.

DEPUTY SAVES DOG FROM MANGROVE SWAMPThis pup, Henna, was lost and stuck in the mangroves! Deputy Allen Reddick didn't…

Posted by Lee County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, July 24, 2022

The mission was a success, and Henna was reportedly reunited with her owners.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office thanked Deputy Reddick for “going above and beyond” in saving the poor dog, and the story went viral with hundreds of comments and shares on Facebook. Many people praised the deputy’s actions and thanked him for his work.

“Thank you Deputy, us Lee county residents appreciate all you do going above and beyond keeping all of us safe, especially the animals who can’t help themselves,” one commenter wrote.

Many locals were also impressed that he braved the potentially dangerous swamp, noting that there could’ve been a gator nearby. “You risk your life to save a dog. Absolutely amazing!”

“Wow, to risk going into a swamp is heroic due to creatures in the wild, kudos to this officer! Happy you and the fur baby are safe!”

Thank you to this deputy for braving the swamp to save this poor dog! We’re so glad she’s safe!

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