Danny Trejo announces beloved dog Dixie has died: “Hold your babies tight for me please”

Danny Trejo is one of Hollywood’s most iconic tough guys, playing imposing characters in films like Con Air, Machete and Heat. But while he may seem tough, in real life the actor has a big soft spot when it comes to animals.

Sadly, Trejo announced yesterday that his beloved Chihuahua has died, announcing the news with a photo and a message for his fans 😢💔

In an Instagram post, Trejo, 80, announced that his pet teacup Chihuahua Dixie has died. The actor shared a photo of himself in happier times, beaming as he holds the little dog in his hands.

“Hold your babies tight for me please,” Trejo wrote in the caption. “Today I lost my little Dixie Wixie.”

Many people commented on the post, sending their condolences to Trejo after the loss of his sweet pet.

“We are so sorry for your loss,” Best Friends Animal Society wrote. “Sending you lots of love and remembering all the good times with her.”

“I’m so sorry Danny. Our little ones r our babies,” wrote comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

“My deepest condolences to you and your family. Dixie Wixie could not have had a better guardian than you and your family,” actor Brian O’Halloran wrote.

Many fans admired seeing this more sensitive side of Trejo: while having a little Chihuahua named Dixie Wixie might not seem on brand for an actor known for playing hard-edged ex-cons, Trejo has always had a soft spot for dogs of all kinds.

Trejo is an advocate for dog adoption and has done work for organizations like Best Friends Animal Society and Spay for LA. He supports shelters and opposes buying from breeders.

“These breeding houses all need to shut down, I love all dogs, but you have people who want a Shit Tzu-this and a Bichon-that, it’s ridiculous,” he said in an interview with K9 Magazine. “Man, they’re dogs! They’re our responsibility, we pulled them in. They were running around free and we domesticated them. We brought them into our fire, and we’re responsible for fixing this.”

“Every time I walk past a shelter, I know we’ve failed in our responsibility to protect dogs. Period.”

Trejo is the owner of a whole pack of rescue dogs: Zeke, Raven, Coco, Duke, and John Westley Hardin. They include two pit bulls, a Schnauzer and a mixed-breed dog. John Wesley Hardin is named after the Old West outlaw, while Duke is named in honor of John Wayne.

Trejo also had two previous dogs who were named after Beatles songs: Penny Lane and Sgt. Peper. He says he prefers dogs because cats remind him a bit too much of some of his on-screen co-stars.

“I’m just a dog person,” he said in an interview. “Cats remind me of movie stars, they think they’re so entitled.”

“I love dogs… I don’t like people who don’t like dogs!”

Rest in peace to Danny Trejo’s beautiful little dog Dixie — our hearts are with this movie legend during this difficult time.

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