Couple reunites with their lost cat who was missing for ten years

When a pet goes missing, it’s important to not give up all hope. Even when it seems like there’s no chance you’ll see your pet again, miracles can happen: lost pets have been reunited with their owners months or even years later.

And one story is so miraculous it’s hard to believe: a cat was reunited with his owners a whopping 10 years after he went missing!

Neil and Lucy Henderson, from Scotland, had their cat Forbes since he was a kitten and loved him like family. “We had such a special bond,” Neil told Scottish SPCA. “He was such a unique and friendly character, we absolutely adored him.”

But the couple was left distraught in 2011 when Forbes went missing. They searched everywhere for their beloved cat, but couldn’t find him anywhere. “After eight or nine month, we very sadly had to come to the realisation that the worst may have happened,” Neil said.


Years passed, and they accepted that Forbes was gone for good. Seven years ago, three years after the cat went missing, they moved from Aberdeen to Edinburgh.

But last month, they got a call they never expected. A shelter called Lucy, telling her that, after ten years, Forbes was finally found.

“Hearing that Forbes had been found left me completely astounded,” Neil recalled about hearing the news. “I have to admit that I was completely overcome with emotion and turned the car round immediately to go home.”

According to SSPCA, Forbes had been found as a stray in Aberdeen and brought in by animal control officer Greg Stevenson, who was able to identify Neil and Lucy as the owners, even after all that time, thanks to the cat’s microchip.

“I was amazed to hear how long Forbes had been missing for,” Stevenson said.

It’s not clear what Forbes has been up to for the past decade, but the now-12-year-old-cat was underweight and covered in fleas and mites.

But the old cat is now safe, back in the arms of his old family after ten years apart. He’s adjusting to his new home — and the couple’s two dogs and two cats — but otherwise it’s just like old times. Neil says Forbes still has many of his same habits, like meowing at him late at night for cuddles.

“We travelled to Aberdeen the next day and when he was brought out, I recognised him immediately,” Neil told SSPCA. “Forbes did give me a big cuddle so I’m hopeful that he remembered us.”

“This is just the best outcome for us. We never thought we would see him again. It’s like a closed chapter has just opened up. It’s a dream come true.”

How incredible. We’re so glad Forbes is home, and hope this reunited family makes up for so much lost time.

Remember, miracles like this are only possible thanks to microchips, which can identify owners of lost pets even after years apart. It’s a reminder to always get your pets microchipped.

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