Child leaves his beloved dog at shelter to keep his dad from hitting it

Child leaves his beloved dog at shelter to keep his dad from hitting it

It’s unbelievable that anyone could hurt an innocent animal, especially their own family pet, and yet that’s sadly the reality in many households.

This behavior can hurt not only the animal but their young owners helpless to protect them. That was the case for one young boy who had to make an impossible decision to save his friend.

On March 7, Albergue Pergatuzoo, an animal rescue in Mexico, shared a photo of a dog left at their door.

The poor dog was left in a plastic bin, but also had plenty of bedding and toys.

They also found a handwritten note that revealed a heartbreaking story.

The letter, written in Spanish, explains that the dog is named Simon, and his owner, a young boy, is giving him up because his father keeps hitting him.

It also sounds like the family cannot afford to care for the dog: “He cries a lot because there is no food,” the letter says.

The boy just asks that the shelter treat the dog better. “Don’t hit him, because my father hit him a lot.”

While he asks that they care for Simon, the child also asks that they don’t find him a new home, because he still hopes to return for him one day: “When I grow up I will return for Simon.”

So the shelter shared the heartbreaking story on their Facebook page… not necessarily to find the dog a new home, but to track down Simon’s owner, so they can maybe help care for the dog.

“Just want to chat with the little guy and his family,” a shelter worker wrote on Facebook. “I’ll take care of his dog and see vaccines and worming.”

Their post has been shared nearly 3,000 times on Facebook. Hopefully someone can provide some information about Simon.

It sounds like a difficult situation, but we hope everything can be sorted out and this poor dog can be reunited with his loving owner.

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