After they hear dogs crying from abuse, two rescuers run in and take them away

Animal abuse is completely unforgivable, and anyone who hurts animals should have them immediately taken away.

When they heard the cries of two abused little dogs, two men couldn’t let it stand… and made a dramatic rescue mission to give them a better life.

Viktor Larkhill has a YouTube video blog called Let’s Adopt, which chronicles his team’s life-saving animal rescue efforts.

“At Let’s Adopt we rescue, treat and rehabilitate abused and injured animals around the world,” their description reads. “We save their lives and we find them extraordinary homes.”

A few months ago, they did their most incredible and dramatic rescue yet. Viktor could hear the sounds of abuse coming from a nearby squatter house. The inhabitants would should threatening obscenities at their dogs, who would shout and yelp, indicating physical abuse.


“It was a heartbreaking plea for help,” Viktor wrote. “The cries were heartbreaking and it was obvious that those dogs were not going to make it.”

They knew they had to do something… and decided to take a very direct approach to the situation:

They ran in and grabbed the dogs!


They got the dogs to safety, and things quickly turned around for these poor puppies, who they named Johnny and Carla.

They stayed in a foster home and then moved to one of their rescue centers, where they got to play with other dogs in a yard and even learned how to swim.


Once the dogs had recovered, it was time to find them forever homes.

The rescue initially wanted to find them a home together since they were bonded, but it was hard to find a home willing to take in two growing dogs at once.

Luckily, they were able to secure good homes for both of them. Carla will go to her home in a few weeks, but Johnny is already there—the video ends with the dog meeting his forever family for the first time.


Watch the incredible rescue video here:

Bless these rescuers for going in and saving these poor dogs, and giving them a better life!

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