Cat alerts owner to furry intruder stuck near her car’s engine

An Alabama woman recently spotted a stray dog outside her home, she didn’t think too much of the cute dog until she went to leave and her cat started growling.

“I could see the little legs dangling,” Clairessia Gamble told WTVM.

The stray pup managed to get itself wedged inside Gamble’s car.

She called animal control and the fire department for assistance. However, after removing several car parts in an attempt to free the dog, it was clear the dog was still stuck.

“We were ready with Dawn and baby oil, just like your wedding ring gets stuck on, if we had to we were going to slather her up,” Allison Black Cornelius of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society said.

Thankfully the dog squirmed enough to loosen itself.

According to Gamble the dog, named Pippi, shimmied around under the hood of the car just enough to free itself.

Pippi is now being cared for at Greater Birmingham Humane Society while the pup awaits a forever home.

Pass this story on to thank everyone involved for saving Pippi!