No charges filed against Florida man caught on camera punching dog

Case closed: No charges filed against Florida man caught on camera punching dog

Boynton Beach police have officially closed the case against the Florida man who was caught on camera punching his dog.

They announced that no charges would be filed.

Given the facts and evidence, the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office determined that although the man’s actions were “undesirable means of discipline, they did not rise to the level of a criminal act due to the fact that the dog did not sustain injury.”

Some viewers may find the following footage distressing.

Animal cruelty investigator Liz Roehrich provided evidence to the state’s attorney office, but in the end they determined it wasn’t enough to charge the man with a crime.

“This man’s actions were completely heartless and unwarranted, and an ineffective means of discipline or behavior-modification,” Roehrich said. “But it is my duty as an investigator to put personal emotions aside and determine if a violation of the law occurred, and in this case, it did not.”

According to the police, Roehrich observed the senior dogs and did not see any current or past neglect or abuse; therefore, she was unable to legally remove them from the home.

The incident occurred on September 27 at Intracoastal Park. A woman captured the disturbing scene and shared the video online.

“The owner bent down and grabbed the harness and just started to beat the dog. I still have a hard time talking about it,” Rybak told WPTV.

After the Boynton Beach Police Department was made aware of the video, a case was opened.

The dog, Addison, was removed from the man’s home and brought to Palm Beach County Animal Care where she underwent an examination by a veterinarian.

Addison’s owner eventually relinquished custody of her, and thankfully found a forever home with her former foster parent.

Although this story has a happy ending for Addison, it’s still upsetting that no charges were brought against her former owner.

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