Police investigate man caught on camera punching dog, no charges filed yet

If you see something, say something. It’s a phrase that became synonymous with safety after 9/11.

And while it’s a campaign geared towards preventing terrorism, speaking up when you see something wrong can prevent crimes, save lives, and put criminals in jail.

Stacey Rybak was at Intracoastal Park in Boynton Beach, Florida when she spotted a man punch his dog. She immediately pulled out her phone and started recording.

Some viewers may find the following footage distressing.

The video was shared with Mutty Paws Rescue, who posted in on their Facebook page and contacted the animal cruelty unit with the Boynton Beach Police Department.

In the video, a man is seen walking a 2-year-old female pit bull-Lab mix. As the two walk down a sidewalk, he stops and the dog cowers before the man punches the dog several times.

“The owner bent down and grabbed the harness and just started to beat the dog. I still have a hard time talking about it,” Rybak told WPTV.


As soon as the police were made aware of the video they responded to the park where they were able to gather information that led to the identification of the man.

The case was then turned over to the department’s animal cruelty investigator.

According to the Boynton Beach Police Department, animal cruelty investigator Liz Roehrich interviewed the man shown in the video and removed the dog, Addison also known as Adi, from his home.

Adi was taken to Palm Beach County Animal Care where she underwent an examination by a veterinarian and will remain for the duration of the investigation.

“Inv. Roehrich continues to gather information and evidence. Addison is safe now and in the custody of PBC Animal Care and Control pending the results of our investigation,” the police wrote on Facebook.

Tuesday afternoon the Boynton Beach Police Department shared an update.

“Addison’s owner permanently relinquished custody of her today following a visit to his home by our animal cruelty investigator.”

According to Roehrich, when she spoke to Addison’s owner he expressed “extreme remorse” and understood the gravity of his actions. While at his home, Roehrich observed two senior dogs that appeared to be well taken care of.

“Adi can now look forward to finding a forever home filled with love and gentle hands,” Roehrich said.

Those who are interested in adopting Adi are urged to contact Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

It is absolutely horrible to think that if Stacey hadn’t been in the right place at the right time and didn’t say something, in this case use her phone and share the video online, poor Adi would still be with this man.

Animals cannot tell us if they are being abused, it is up to us to recognize the signs and report those who are abusive towards our four-legged friends.

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