Brewery will deliver beer to your door with adoptable puppies

There are two things in the world that most people can agree they love: beer and puppies. But one company is offering both at the same time… and hoping to get some dogs a good home.

Golden Road Brewing, a brewery based on Los Angeles, has a new beer called the “Hazy Pup IPA.” And later this month, they will be offering deliveries of two cases of beer to people in the area.

And the beer comes with an added surprise: they’ll be delivered by rescue puppies!


The promotional event not only ties in with the beer name, but coincides with National Dog Day on Wednesday, August 26.

“Golden Road Brewing is delivering its newly released Hazy Pup IPA directly to your door,” their site reads. “The best part? Hazy Pup will be delivered alongside furry (and adoptable) pups from our partners at Wags & Walks!”

From Thursday, August 27 to Saturday, August 29, residents of different LA neighborhoods can book a delivery.


All it costs is a $50 donation, which includes two six-packs of Hazy Pup, a discount on future purchases from the brewery, and other surprises like beer cozies, and 20 minutes of one-on-one playtime with the puppies.

All proceeds to go Wags & Walks, an LA-based adoption center, and best of all, all the pups are adoptable — hopefully a few people participating in the event will fall in love with their little delivery person and keep them for good.


It’s a perfect event for our time: in a moment where many people are still confined to their homes, people are enjoying a beer at home and also rescuing dogs in huge numbers.

The deliveries are currently sold out, but if you’re in LA you can check out their site to see if a reservation opens up.

Hopefully this event is a big success, and a lot of dogs get adopted to their forever homes! Spread the word about this event, share this story!