Blind woman aggressively told to get off the bus because her dog is black

A 22-year-old blind woman was traveling with her guide dog when she was subjected to the foulest of treatments by a passenger on a bus.

Megan Taylor was swore at after boarding a bus in Merseyside, England with her black guide dog Rowley.

A female passenger on the bus then shouted for her to get her “f*****g dog off this bus” claiming it couldn’t be a blind dog because it was black, according to The Daily Mail.

Blind woman told to get off bus ‘because guide dogs can’t be black’A blind woman was told to ‘get her f*****g dog off…

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A very shocked and frightened Megan, who suffers with episodic blindness, tried to explain the dog helped with her disability.

Megan told the newspaper the woman then called her a liar because “guide dogs are yellow Labradors and your dog is black”.

“I tried to explain to her that guide and assistance dogs can been any color and don’t have to be Labradors, although Rowley is. She told me I was wrong,” Megan told the Daily Mail.

Training update:This morning Rowley and I went for a walk along the high street and stopped at the cafe for a drink,…

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‘Frequent fainting attacks’

Megan relies on two-year-old Rowley after she suffered a head injury at 15 years old which has left her with episodic blindness.

“I suffered multiple fractures to my skull in the incident which left me with multiple disabilities and medical conditions including hearing loss, impaired balance, frequent fainting attacks, vertigo, and episodic blindness,” she told the Liverpool Echo newspaper.

I visited today with my Guide Dog / Medical Alert Dog and was made to feel very welcome. I would definitely recommend…

Posted by Megan Taylor on Monday, June 3, 2019

The sad fact is Megan has these negative experiences on public transport all the time, which has left her hesitant to use it.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a stress free trip on public transport, that’s why I’m so nervous when using it now,” she told the Liverpool Echo.

‘Try to stay positive’

“On other occasions I have been spat at, stepped over, pushed out of the way and accused of being ‘another drunk youth’ when losing consciousness due to my heart condition and neurological disorder. 

“I try to stay positive and not let incidents such as what happened get me down because I am not ashamed of my disability.”

 I can’t believe how badly Megan is being treated; we all need to be more understanding and tolerant of people with disabilities.

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