Blind and deaf dog jumps for joy after smelling his favorite human

Some dogs are born with disabilities that leave them unable to see or hear, but they still have plenty of love to give just like any other pet.

That’s the case in one adorable video, showing the moment a blind and deaf dog suddenly recognizes one of his favorite humans.

Bumper is a dog who was born deaf and blind. According to Bumper’s Instagram, his owner Amy met him on a farm when he was a pup, “confidently exploring the world around him.”

“He was totally my type of dog,” Amy wrote. Though she knew the pup was deaf and blind, she did her research and decided she would be the perfect owner for this differently-abled dog.

And Bumper doesn’t let his disabilities hold him back at all: “I’m sure as far as he’s concerned, this is normal dog existence,” Amy told The Dodo.

He’s just like any other dog — and like so many dogs, he has plenty of love to give to his family. But how does he recognize his favorite humans when he can’t see or hear them?

One sweet video provides the answer. Amy’s daughter Faeron recently visited home after moving out, and was excited to see her dog Bumper for the first time in a while.

But Bumper, unable to see, didn’t immediately recognize Faeron. However, after she reaches her arm out so the dog can get her scent, everything suddenly clicks and Bumper is overjoyed!

Any dog owner has experienced that sweet moment where your dog excitedly greets you upon returning home, and this video shows that deaf and blind dogs show the same kind of love — it just “takes a minute,” the owner wrote.

“It’s pretty special. He loves her so much,” Amy told The Dodo. “He’s so content when she is home visiting.”

While raising a disabled dog like Bumper poses some unique challenges, the owner says that at the end of the day Bumper is just like any other dog and can keep up with the family in activities like hiking, swimming and kayak and canoe rides.

“Basically, he does pretty much anything that a dog with sight and hearing [could do],” Amy said.

What a sweet moment. It’s great to see that Bumper doesn’t let his disabilities hold him back and acts like any other dog, and has a family who loves him just the way he is.

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