Beautiful Great Dane goes viral for his resemblance to Batman

Who doesn’t love Batman? For decades Gotham City’s greatest detective has been a cultural icon — from the bag signal to his iconic cowl, Batman is one of those heroes everyone instantly recognizes.

Which is why one dog named Enzo is now going viral online — one look and he immediately resembles the Dark Knight himself:

With his pointy ears, jet black fur, and an intense expression that looks like he’s about to take down The Riddler, this Great Dane definitely looks like Batman in dog form.

Enzo’s owner, Danny Lemay, from Quebec, Canada, is aware of his dog’s resemblance.

“He is very muscular for a Dane and his fur is very shiny,” Danny told The Dodo. “His pointy ears make him look like Batman.”

Enzo’s superhero look has made him a viral star online, and his Instagram now has nearly 38,000 followers.

He’s also very popular in real life — people catch a glimpse of this Batdog and can’t help but ask for a photo.

“People stop us every time we walk him to cuddle and look at him or take pictures,” Danny said.

But while the resemblance is uncanny, Enzo isn’t completely like Batman. While the Caped Crusader is generally a mysterious loner hiding in the shadows, Enzo loves companionship.

“Even though he looks imposing, he only wants to cuddle and play,” Danny told The Dodo. “He is a very sociable dog.”

Photos on his Instagram show his life as a normal, happy dog who loves to play with other dogs, cuddle with his family and explore the outdoors.

But in other ways, Enzo does share the spirit of Batman. While he might not be taking down the Joker, Enzo is said to be braver than the average dog.

“Most of the time, Great Danes are known as fearful dogs. They don’t like the cold and are afraid of many things,” Danny said. “Enzo’s more brave and courageous. He likes to impose himself, bark very loudly and guard the house.”

And it looks like Enzo is happy to embrace his Bat-side:

What a beautiful dog, and what a funny resemblance to Batman! You can follow Enzo on Instagram here!

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