Ball-obsessed golden retriever can fit a record six tennis balls in his mouth

We all know dogs love their toys, but nothing quite beats the simple green tennis ball. Whether it’s for playing catch or just chewing to death, it’s many a dog’s playtime obsession.

But one dog has taken a love for these balls to the extreme, stumbling onto a remarkable hidden talent that could just make him a world champion.

Finley Molloy is a six-year-old golden retriever form Canadigua, New York. Like so many dogs, he’s crazy about balls: he’s been known to go steal balls from the neighbors.

He loves them so much that he has to pick as many as he can… and it turns out, he’s gotten very good at carrying them.

During games of fetch Finley would try to carry as many balls back as he could in his mouth, and his family started to notice just how many he could fit at once.

“I look over and he’s trotting over to me with four tennis balls in his mouth,” owner Erin Molloy told the Democrat and Chronicle.

Apparently Finley notice as well, and he started to challenge himself to do better and keep breaking his record. Soon he was carrying five, and then six.

This very unique pet trick has made him a bit of a celebrity online: he has over 33,000 Instagram followers.

The family says that they’ve occasionally been accused of forcing Finley to do this, but it’s just something the dog does on his own.

What’s even more incredible is that Finley’s talent might actually be a world record!

The family was stunned to find the Guinness World Record for most tennis balls held in a dog’s mouth is five. Finley can hold six regularly, making him the unofficial record holder.

They’re still in the process of working with Guinness to verify the record and make it official, but in the meantime Finley’s family knows his already the champion, delighting people everywhere.

“The joy he brings to us is one thing,” said Cheri Molloy. “But he brings joy to people all over the world.”

What an amazing dog! Keep it up, Finley! Share this funny story!