Ariel, abandoned dog born with six legs, has finally been adopted — congrats

Last year, we reported on the story of Ariel, an abandoned dog who was born with a rare medical defect that gave her six legs.

Now, there has been an exciting update to the story: Ariel has finally been adopted! 😮❤️

Ariel’s story

Ariel, a female spaniel, was first found in a parking lot in Pembroke Dock, Wales on September 27. Local vets examined her and discovered a number of abnormalities, most surprisingly that she had six legs.

The pup’s two extra legs were fused together, like a mermaid’s tale, so they dubbed her Ariel in honor of the main character from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Ariel was taken in by Greenacres Rescue, who said she was “scared and timid” after the abandonment. “She spent that first night at home with me and she was almost completely shut down due to everything she’d been through,” Greenacres’ founder and manager Mikey Lawlor told BBC.

In addition to having six legs, vets also discovered the beginnings of an additional vulva, and found that her pelvis had not properly formed to to her extra hip joint.

The exact cause of these defects was a mystery. “We have no idea why she would be born with a defect,” a spokesperson for the rescue told Newsweek about her extra legs. “Never seen this before.”

Despite the unusual defects, all of Ariel’s organs worked correctly and she was in otherwise good health, and vets realized they would be able to remove the extra limbs.

Extra legs removed

After a few months of rest and recuperation in a foster home, Ariel underwent the surgery in January. “The procedure went very well and Ariel took it all in her stride,” Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital wrote on Facebook.

There were initial concerns by vets that Ariel might have to lose her back right leg, but thankfully she still has four working legs intact.

“She’s doing really well, she’s bounced back and she’s a happy little dog and we’re hoping she’s going to go on to lead a fabulous little life,” surgeon Aaron Lutchman told the BBC.

“She’s got her own little character and even though she’s had a tough start in life she really has done well to come through this as she has… if we can do what we can to help then that’s just absolutely brilliant.”

After weeks of recovery from the surgery, Ariel was finally placed up for adoption. After going through so much, everyone hoped that Ariel would find the perfect home soon.

Ariel adopted: surf’s up

In April, Greenacres announced the news everyone had been waiting for: Ariel was adopted!

According to the BBC, Ariel was adopted by Emma-Mary Webster and Ollie Bird, who met Ariel shortly after losing their dog of 16 years, Pippin. Though Ariel’s story had spread around the world, they hadn’t heard of her before.

“She was brought to ours for a home visit and took to the place straight away, really made herself comfortable,” Ollie told the BBC. “Neither of us were at all aware we had a celebrity in our midst.”

After hitting it off, they adopted Ariel, and now life is all a day at the beach for this resilient dog. Mary and Ollie live by the water and teach people with disabilities how to surf, and Ariel — true to her mermaid-inspired name — loves her new seaside life.

“She’s always a big hit with whoever we take out onto the waves and she never stops wanting to play,” Ollie said.

Ariel’s journey has been a remarkable one, and there’s no doubt that all the rescuers, vets and supporters are thrilled that she’s finally found a true happy ending.

“Ariel’s resilience and spirit captured the attention of people worldwide, with media coverage reaching as far as Australia,” Greenacres wrote on Facebook. “Since her discovery, Ariel has been on a remarkable journey, filled with numerous vet visits, scans, surgeries, specialist referrals, physiotherapy sessions, and media appearances on radio, TV, and newspapers.”

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a part in transforming this once discarded pup into a beloved pet.”

We’re so glad that Ariel has finally been adopted! Enjoy your new life! ❤️

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