Animal officers find 3-month-old puppy tied to their truck with a heartbreaking note

It’s heartbreaking when people have to give up their dogs, but some people have no choice due to economic or personal reasons.

Recently, SPCA field officers discovered a young puppy attached to their truck — and a heartbreaking note explained his story.

According to a Facebook post from SPCA New Zealand, a field officer named Jamie was out on the road recently, and when he returned to his work vehicle, he noticed a 3-month-old mixed-breed puppy was tethered to it.

Jamie noticed that the pup was not carelessly abandoned, but seemingly left there with care: the dog was left in a shady spot and left with food and water.

There was also a note attached to the van, asking him to “please take” the puppy and care for him. According to the Facebook post, the owner explained that they were no longer able to provide for the puppy.

The SPCA was sympathetic, writing that more and more local dog owners have had no choice but to give up their pets.

“This is the unfortunate reality for many pet owners in New Zealand, and with the cost of living crisis, it’s only becoming more common for people to have to give up their animals,” they wrote.

“We are grateful to this pup’s owner for making provisions to ensure he would be cared for, but saddened that someone who clearly cares for their animal had to give it up.”

The organization added that they are “struggling to keep up with” all the animals in need, but are “always here to support however we can.” They stressed that it is always better to reach out to the SPCA and surrender pets properly rather than to “dump” them.

The puppy, now named Samuel, was taken in, fixed and placed up for adoption at the SPCA’s Māngere Centre in Auckland. His adoption page describes him as a playful dog who would do best in an active household.

“I’m a cheeky dog who’s keen to push the boundaries where I can. I love everybody and live to be loved and admired by as many people as possible.”

If you are located in the Auckland, New Zealand area and are interested in giving sweet Samuel a loving new home, you can apply here!

It’s heartbreaking that Samuel’s former owner could no longer care for him, but we’re glad he’s safe and in good hands and hope he finds a new home soon!

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