Animal lover saves sick little kitten – when he grows up she can’t believe her eyes

When animals give birth to a large litter, there’s often one infant that is much smaller and weaker than the others. It happens with dogs, cats, birds and many other animals.

In the wild, nature often has it’s way with these poor little ones. They get less food than their siblings and it’s normal for the runt of the litter to not survive. But when it comes to domestic pets, we humans often tend to step in and help – so that even the tiniest can survive.

That’s exactly what happened to kitten Brownie.

Brownie was much weaker than his siblings. It was so severe that he nearly died during his first few weeks because he was too weak to eat.

But his owner Justina Strumilaite took a shine to the tiny kitty and decided to help him bounce back.

Justina Strumilaite

Brownie was very special. His fur was long and wiry and he only had two toes on his right paw.

Was given help to eat

Justina took care of him every day, even teaching him to climb over his siblings so he could reach his momma and get some food. With Justina’s guidance he was able to get the nutrients he needed to grow.

Little Brownie gained weight and was soon as strong and healthy as his siblings.

Justina Strumilaite

At first he just looked like he’d be a shabby little cat with a long coat. But Justina soon discovered that Brownie was more special than she already thought.

He grew up into a huge furball.

Justina Strumilaite

The older Brownie got, the fluffier he became. It seemed there was no limit to how much his fur would grow.

Now he’s an enormous cat – and the king of the household!

Justina Strumilaite

It’s hard to believe he started out so small!

Justina Strumilaite

Brownie has Justina to thank for the fact that he’s alive and thriving today. I’m so glad she saved his life!

What a beautiful cat he is!

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