Abandoned German shepherd got cancer from being left out in the sun, but now has a second chance

It’s always heartbreaking when someone just abandons their dog. Not only are you kicking them out of their home, but you’re leaving them exposed to fend for themselves. Many dogs struggle to survive out on the streets.

That was the case for one dog, who suffered a lot due to being out on her own… but luckily, things turned around.

A German Shepherd named Roxy was found all on her own. Her owner had moved away, and instead of taking the dog with her or bringing her to a shelter, she simply left the dog in the yard to fend for herself.

The rescue group Sidewalk Specials took her in, but found a lot of damage had already been done: after being left outside for so long, sun exposure caused cancer to form on her ears.


Luckily, kindhearted people donated enough money to fund her surgery, and vets were able to remove the cancer, giving her a chance for a new life.

She was moved to a foster home, and while she enjoyed playing with and mothering the other dogs, she watched as they were all adopted while she was left behind. Months went by, and Roxy still wasn’t adopted.

But finally, this poor dog finally got the happy ending she deserved.

In April, Sidewalk Specials announced that Roxy had finally found her forever home!


It’s clear that Roxy is finally happy, with caring owners, another dog to play with, and lots of nice walks along the beach.

It’s heartbreaking that Roxy was abandoned like that, but we’re so glad she survived cancer and found her forever home!

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