89-year-old has knitted over 450 blankets for her local dog rescue

Animal rescues do great, important work, and rely on the help of their community to get by. Goodhearted people help out by donating supplies and money to their local shelters.

But one elderly woman found an extra special way to help out rescue dogs. While they wait for a forever home, she makes sure they’re feeling cozy and safe by making them homemade blankets.

Maisie Green, 89, is a devoted supporter of her local animal rescue, Dogs Trust Basildon. Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, housing about 1,700 dogs in their shelters at any given time, according to their website.

Maisie has found her own special way of helping out these dogs, by knitting blankets and dog sweaters to keep them warm during the winter.

β€œI love knitting and I love dogs, so this combines both wonderfully!” she told the charity.

Maisie makes all her items from hand at home, and donates her work twice every year: she’s reportedly donated about 450 items to the shelters. It’s all a labor of love for a great cause.

“It takes me three days to knit a blanket and one day to knit a doggy coat,” Maisie said. “It keeps me busy and often I like to knit whilst watching television.”

“I’m delighted to be helping the four-legged residents at the centre in some way.”

Thank you for donating blankets to your local centre πŸΆπŸ’• Our doggies really appreciate an extra snuggly bed at this time of year β„οΈπŸ›Œ

Posted by Dogs Trust on Sunday, November 25, 2018

Dogs Trust is always happy to receive her thoughtful gifts: β€œMaisie regularly brings along her knitted donations and we are so grateful for her support,” said Lisa Cooper, the rehoming center manager at Dogs Trust Basildon.

“With the chill of the Winter months really starting to creep up on us I know our dogs are very pleased to put the items to good use – and love feeling extra cozy!”

The summer is officially over, and the winter weather will be soon approaching. If you’re skilled at knitting and sewing, maybe you can take up Maisie’s example and make some coats and blankets for your local shelter. It’s a fun way to serve a good cause.

Plus those dogs sure look comfortable in those blankets:

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