13-year-old gets dream job, starts his own transport service for dogs

How would you like to have your dream job when you’re just 13 years old? That’s what one enterprising young teen is doing — and helping some adorable dogs, too!

Aleksander Slott, a 13-year-old from Byron Center, Michigan, was asked by his mother Amy Oostveen what kind of business he would start if he could, according to FOX 17.

Aleksander, who has worked as a dog walker for a few years, replied that he would “just want to be with dogs.”

Later, they saw an online story about a doggy pick-up bus business in Alaska — and saw an opportunity to make Aleksander’s dream job a reality.

The family expanded Aleksander’s dog walking business to include home daycare, and finally purchased a bus, converting it into a full-service dog transport service for their community.

In a Facebook post, the family called the business “a dream in progress,” and said it was bittersweet because they had to say goodbye to their own dog of 14 years, Lexi, but said that the “business has been a blessing for us to offer in remembrance of her.”

Amy homeschools her children, giving them the flexibility throughout the day to run their business, which they dubbed “Wagging Riders.” The company will pick your dog up at your house, bring them to the local park for walks and play, and then drop them off back home — all for just $25 a day.

“We care for your dogs like they are our own,” Amy wrote on Facebook. “We are an active family and absolutely love the company of these pets in our home. My son is literally a dog whisperer!!!! Dogs flock to him.”

While it’s a family effort, Amy says her 13-year-old son is the true entrepreneur. “He came up with the name on his own; he’s doing a ton of the work on his own; he invested in the bus on his own,” she told FOX 17.

What a great business idea! We wish Aleksander and his family the best with Wagging Riders and hope they get a lot of doggy customers!

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