Deer was trapped upside down between two walls — firefighters and animal officers save the day

Sometimes animals get stuck in some pretty tight spots, and need a little human help to get free. Thankfully, you can always count on your local fire department to help creatures in need.

Recently, firefighters and RSPCA officers came to the rescue of a deer who was trapped in a tight squeeze between two buildings.

Passerby in Lincolnshire, England noticed a muntjac — a species of small deer — wedged upside-down between the walls of two houses.

Photos show the deer’s head sticking out from the tight space, unable to get out:

Firefighters from the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service arrived on the scene to help, and RSPCA officers were called to assist in the rescue, according to a press release.

It was a tricky situation, but the responding rescuers were able to use ropes and poles to slowly pull the deer through the gap and get him to safety.

“This was a tricky rescue because the deer was trapped so tightly and to complicate matters was also upside down – it must have been terrifying for him,” says Rescue Officer Karen Nix.”

RSPCA/press release

Despite the ordeal, the deer was apparently unharmed and soon ran off back into the wild.

“Thankfully he was freed and it was such a relief to watch him run free into the undergrowth,” Nix said.

Thank you to everyone who helped rescue this deer! It must’ve been so scary and uncomfortable being trapped like that, but we’re glad this deer is unstuck and running free.

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