Kate Beckinsale suffers Fourth of July scare after pet dog ran away from fireworks

Last week millions of Americans celebrated the Fourth of July, but while the holiday is a happy and festive occasion for many it can also be a nightmare for dogs and their owners.

Dogs have very sensitive hearing and are easily frightened by fireworks. Every year many dogs run away from home on July 4th due to this panic.

Just ask Hollywood star Kate Beckinsale, who spent the holiday in a panic — and suffered a bad knee scrape — after her dog was spooked by fireworks.

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The 50-year-old Underworld star wrote on social media on July 5 that her pet Pomeranian, Myf, went missing in Beverly Hills after being scared by fireworks. She urged people to keep an eye out for the missing dog.

Many people commented with thoughts and prayers, hoping for the dog’s safe return. Thankfully, Beckinsale soon shared an update that Myf was found safe.

It’s clear that the actress was very stressed out and scared by the scary ordeal, and she also suffered a bloody scrape on her knee, which is tended to by her friend.

“Myf, you… scared the s**t out of us,” Beckinsale says. “What do you have to say for yourself, hm?” she asks the dog.

Beckinsale said in an Instagram stories post that Myf was never previously bothered by fireworks, perhaps because he had the company of her cat Clive, who died last year.

“I think when Clive was here Clive didn’t give a s**t about fireworks, so Myf also didn’t give a s**t,” Beckinsale guesses.

“Oh Myf, you don’t love fireworks, it turns out!”

Beckinsale isn’t alone, and Myf is far from the only dog who doesn’t like fireworks. So many pets go missing after being spooked by the loud noises that July 5 is the busiest day of the year for shelters, inundated by runaway pets.

Pet owners can take precautions on the Fourth of July, or any other holiday year round that involves fireworks, including putting them in a ThunderShirt, providing anxiety medications, desensitizing them to the sound of fireworks and creating a safe and calm space in your home.


Kate Beckinsale is one of the countless pet owners who had a lost pet scare this Fourth of July, but we’re so glad her Myf was found safe!

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