Woman saves the life of abandoned baby kitten found lying on concrete

It’s always heartbreaking to find a helpless abandoned baby animal, but luckily sometimes they’re found by just the right person who will step up to give them the care they need.

A Reddit user known as u/Klaanigan shared the story of an inspiring animal rescue by their mom.

She found a stray kitten, wet and lying alone on the concrete:


There was no mother or siblings in sight—the tiny kitten was seemingly abandoned, and would’ve died if she was left alone.

Luckily, the woman found her at just the right time. She picked her up in a napkin and brought her home.


The kitten was so young and tiny the family had to serve as its mother, feeding the kitten milk by bottle.


It isn’t clear what happened to the kitten—she was presumably either adopted by the family or they found her a forever home elsewhere.

All we know for sure is that they saved this kitten’s life. Thank you to this family for taking in this poor kitten!

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