Veterinarian walks three miles through freezing winter weather to save cat patient’s life

Veterinarians are true heroes, dedicating their lives to helping animals in need. Many go above and beyond to give their furry patients the love and care they need.

That’s what one recent story shows, as one vet walked miles through the harsh winter snow to save a cat’s life.

Blueberry, a 5-year-old cat, was taken to the Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama when her owners noticed she was ill, according to WBRC. Vets couldn’t identify what was wrong, and by Tuesday the poor cat had taken a turn for the worst.

Two of the clinic’s technicians were called in — but it was no easy task, given the severe winter weather that has been plaguing so much of the country this week.


Dr. Nicole Martin had an especially daunting commute: she lives “at the bottom of a really big hill,” and when she saw how deep the snow was she knew she would never be able to get her car out.

Her only choice was to walk, three miles through the bitter cold and icy conditions. But she knew it was the only way to help her feline patient get better.

Thankfully, she was able to reach the clinic and the vets were able to identify the problem and save Blueberry’s life.


“We’ve been with her for days at this point in time, realizing how much we loved her,” Dr. Martin told WBRC. “And, once we saw the x-rays of what was making her sick, it was just in time we all got together to getting her life saved.”

Thank you to Dr. Martin for braving the harsh winter weather to save this cat’s life! It’s a reminder of the tireless hard work of veterinarians.

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