Senior cat sneaks out of house every day to hang out with neighbor in lockdown

As much as we all adore cats they can be fickle when it comes to where they choose to spend their time.

A cat won’t stay in a place where it doesn’t get what he or she needs and that could be because of food, affection or playmates.

A cat called Ching found her current home too crowded during lockdown. With 5 cat siblings and all her humans at home in Spain she started venturing outside to find a calmer place to spend her days.

Liana Peklivanas has lived across the street from the adorable chocolate point Siamese cat for 17 years and had seen Ching around but it wasn’t until lockdown that the two became close.

“She always came for a fuss but never stayed,” Liana told The Dodo. “But since we went into a very strict lockdown in Spain, she started coming every day, crying at the door.”

Ching was loved and cared for at her home but she also loves the one on one time she gets with her new friend Liana, who loves the wandering chocolate point Siamese just as much.

Now Liana is woken most mornings by the vocal Ching meowing at her porch door until she lets her in and then stays with Liana until her owners pick her up at night.

“She loves it so much here that she’ll run away from [her dad],” Liana said. “The owner thinks it’s amusing that she comes [to get] peace from the other cats. She’s an old lady now after all!”

Ching got all the fuss while Liana worked from home, she even got brushed and was given special treats but since Liana has returned to work Ching tries to jump in her car to stop her from leaving.

The much-loved cat has to settle for sunbathing at Liana’s empty home until Liana returns from work.

Liana is grateful to Ching for making lockdown so much more bearable.

“She has such a big and loving personality,” Liana said. “No cat has ever captured my heart the way she has. Her friendship is so pure.”

If a cat like Ching came to visit my home, I wouldn’t want her to leave, what an adorable and loving cat. I’m so glad these two found each other.

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