Rescue cat raised by dog siblings thinks he’s a dog, too

It’s a common belief that cats and dogs don’t get along, but most pet owners who have both will tell you it’s far from the truth. Cats and dogs can be best friends, playing together and looking out for one another.

That was the case for one rescued stray cat, who had two big dogs to show him the ropes — and now he acts like a dog himself!

Azmael the cat was first found a few years ago by a firefighter while the cat was seriously injured. “It was still alive, but seriously injured,” the firefighter’s wife Nathalie told Bored Panda.

“He tried to find his family but no one knew where the kitten had come from, so we took him to the vet where he stayed for a few days.” 

Eventually, the cat made a miraculous recovery and was brought home, where he quickly settled in… and made friends with the two family dogs, Nimue and Liam.


The dogs looked after Azmael as she recovered, and they soon formed a bond. “They have a very special relationship,” Nathalie said.

As time went on, the dogs’ influence on the new cat became apparent. While the family had other cats at home, Azmael preferred hanging out with the dogs, almost like he thought of himself as one of them.

“Nearly every morning, Azmael joins us on our walk,” something none of the other cats do, Nathalie said. “It’s like we have three dogs.”

“He is not afraid of other dogs and even chases them away when they annoy our dogs.”


Nathalie posted the story on Reddit, where it went viral.

Many people joked that Azmael looked just like a dog. Others shared stories of their own cats who took after their dogs (or vice versa).

Others pointed out Azmael’s fierce expression, looking like he’s out to defend his dog brothers.

It’s clear these pets are the best of friends, giving new meaning to “getting along like cats and dogs.”


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