Rescue cat goes viral for his permanently ‘angry’ face — but is actually happy and full of love

Some pets have big happy faces that show how happy they are to see you. Others… not so much.

Some animals, especially cats, just have permanently “grumpy” faces, no matter what they’re really feeling. While their mad-looking expressions might suggest they’re not looking for friends, we can’t get enough of them—many become stars online, including the legendary “Grumpy Cat” herself.

Now, another grouchy kitty is lighting up the internet… and looking for a home.

Meet Giggles:

Giggles, it seems, got his name ironically—he doesn’t look like one who laughs often.

Indeed, with his frowny face and furrowed brow, Giggles looks like he’s just not in the mood to deal with you—a signature look that the shelter says is permanent.

Giggles is a rescue cat, in the care of Riggi Rescue, a non-profit rescue in Summit County, Ohio, after being surrendered as a stray.

“He was surrendered by a good samaritan with several ticks on him and a mild bite wound,” the shelter wrote.

But no matter what he looks like, his carers say he’s actually a very sweet, happy cat.

“He’s not mad, he’s actually quite happy, sweet and charming,” they wrote.

“He is the sweetest boy! We love him!”

Like many of his grumpy predecessors, Giggles became a star online. He has his own Facebook page, and made the news all over the world.

But more than anything, Giggles wanted a home… and luckily, his standoffish appearance didn’t stop one family from seeing the love in him.

According to his Facebook page, Giggles has been adopted, and is settling in nicely with his new family!

I'm looking forward to making new Thanksgiving traditions with my family this year. 😾#angrycat #giggles #catoftheday…

Posted by Giggles the Angry Cat on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

It’s great to know that Giggles is safe in his forever home, just in time for the holidays.

Of course, even this great news hasn’t put a smile on Giggles’ face, but that’s okay. Never change, Giggles!

Monday again – are you kitten me right meow? #angrycat #giggles #marbletabby #rescuecat #catsoffacev #catlife #adopt #TNR #catloversclub #catlovers

Posted by Giggles the Angry Cat on Monday, November 16, 2020

What a beautiful cat. He may look angry but we know how happy he is in his new home! Congrats, Giggles!

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