Meet Kitzia, the cat whose gone viral for being the angriest kitty in the world

As much as we love cute, happy cats, we love grumpy-looking cats just as much. These perpetually annoyed-looking felines can really feel like our spirit animals on a Monday morning.

The most famous is still Grumpy Cat, who sadly died last May. While no one can truly replace her, many have followed in her footsteps, becoming viral stars for their own angry faces.

And one cat might be the most angry of them all. Meet Kitzia:

Kitzia lives with her owner Viktoriia Otdielnova, a photographer originally from Ukraine, who now lives in Florida.

Viktoriia started an Instagram for her cat in 2018, and says that her looks can be deceiving.

“I look weird but I am very friendly,” Kitzia’s first caption reads.

And while she doesn’t often look it in her photos…

…she’s still just a normal kitty, who loves to eat and lay around the house.

And while it doesn’t always seem like it, you can tell she really loves her human:

Kitzia is now a viral star with over 45,000 followers on Instagram.

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