Grumpy-looking cat and his opposite brother become viral stars on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to find pictures of unique and funny pets. While we love the cute and friendly animals, sometimes it’s the “grumpy” ones that really fit our mood.

The late internet icon Grumpy Cat may have been the most famous example, but a lot of cats have those fixed “can’t deal with you right now” expressions on their faces, and we love them for it.

Meet Marley Katz:

Marley has a permanently unimpressed look on his face, like he’s not putting up with us humans anymore.

“I see through your soul,” one caption on his popular Instagram account reads.

We can all relate to a grumpy cat like this sometimes—many of Marley’s posts come on Mondays, when we can all relate.

But with everything going on in the world right now, he’s more relatable than ever.

“The mood of humans all over the world right now,” another caption reads:

But for every grumpy cat, there’s an equally goofy, carefree cat… and Marley has a brother who couldn’t be more different.

Meet Sherman:

With his big blue, crossed eyes, Sherman always seems to be looking at the world with wonder.

These brothers are definitely a real odd couple.

The brothers live in Los Angeles with their owners, and Marley’s Instagram featuring the two of them has become quite popular with over 68,000 followers. They even make custom videos for their fans on Cameo.

We love these cats! Follow their Instagram for more funny photos! Share this story!