Police officers stop to save ‘scaredy cat’ stuck inside car tire

Sometimes animals get themselves stuck in some pretty tricky places, and it takes some kind people to take the time to save them.

That was the case recently, after police officers came to the rescue of a scared, tiny kitten hiding in the tire of a car.

On April 9, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, in New York, shared the story of the unusual rescue. They say a local driver “heard a weird noise” coming from his car and flagged down officers for help.

The officers pulled over to investigate — and after looking underneath the car, they found the surprising source of the “weird noise.”

It was a tiny kitten tucked in the car’s tire — a “small scaredy cat that was too petrified to come out,” as the Sheriff’s Office stated.

Facebook/Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

You never know what the job will throw at you in law enforcement, and these officers probably didn’t expect to be doing any car maintenance that day. We’ve all heard of firefighters saving cats from trees, but “police officers saving a cat from a tire” is a new one.

But of course, they were happy to help. Photos show the officers carefully taking the tire apart to get the terrified kitten out safely.

“Our fleet manager came to the rescue and at a speed that could rival a NASCAR pit crew got the tire off safely and pulled the calico out,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

Facebook/Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

The cat was out of the tire, and the officers wrote that other than being “terrified,” the cat “appeared unhurt.”

It is unclear where the kitten came from, if he was a stray or if they were able to identify an owner.

But after the rescue, the officers got the cat to safety. “Deputies brought the kitten to Animal Control where he has the nickname Trooper,” they wrote.

“Unsure if he likes car rides after that last trip.”

Facebook/Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

We’re glad this sweet, scared kitten is free and in safe hands. Thank you to the officers who took the time to help him out.

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