Obese, 28.5-pound shelter cat named “One Frosty Too Many” goes viral, finds home to help him lose weight

This month we’re all working on our New Year’s resolutions, and one of the most common goals is to lose weight. But humans aren’t the only ones trying to shed pounds.

Recently, one obese cat named One Frosty Too Many took the internet by storm — and now he’s looking to lose weight in a new home.

On Monday, Richmond Animal Care and Control shared a story about a cat named One Frosty Too Many, or just Frosty for short. The cat lives up to his name: at a whopping 28.5 pounds, he’s triple the normal weight for a cat his size.

“You KNOW we love a cat with a belly, and lord almighty this one has the best belly in town,” the rescue wrote. “He’s 28.5lbs of pudge with a side of crankiness.”

It’s not clear how Frosty got so overweight. Richmond Animal Care and Control took him in after he was found as a stray, wandering the streets of Virginia.

“We were like, ‘Oh my gosh, look how huge this cat is,’” RACC Outreach Coordinator Robin Young told WWBT.

They added that this fat cat has a bit of an attitude: “As long as you let him do what he wants, when he wants, everything is fine.”

Obesity can cause soreness and discomfort in cats, and the shelter hopes that once he sheds some pounds Frosty will become less cranky. The shelter began looking for a home that would support Frosty on his weight loss journey

“[He] needs a big room to kind of move around and exercise,” Young said. “[He’s] got a double-digit weight loss journey ahead of [him].”

Frosty’s story went viral, with many saying the “chonky” cat was adorable and wishing him luck in finding a home and shedding pounds. Many reached out to adopt the cat.

In an update, the shelter said that Frosty has been adopted, sharing a photo of the big, cranky kitty with his new owner. Hopefully in time, Frosty will get in shape and have a great new life with his family.

Interestingly, the story comes just months after another obese cat went viral, also from RACC. In April, the shelter posted about Patches, “the largest cat anyone has ever seen” weighing in at a whopping 40.3 pounds.

Patches was soon adopted, and his owner has been sharing updates about his weight loss journey on his own Facebook page.

We’re so glad Frosty has been adopted! “Chonky” cats might be cute, but severe obesity is a health risk and we wish this beautiful cat the best on his weight loss journey!

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