Nicole Kidman adopts her newest pet, a rescue cat named Louis

It’s always good news when someone decides to rescue an animal. But we especially love it when celebrities decide to rescue, sending a good message to their fans to “adopt, don’t shop.”

One of those celebrities is Oscar-winning screen legend Nicole Kidman, who recently adopted the “newest member of her fur-family.”

On her Instagram, Kidman shared the first photo of her new rescue cat, Louis. The post includes a photo of the cat gently kissing her nose, and a video of Kidman welcoming the cat to his new home.

“Welcome. We love you, Louis.”

Kidman has long been an animal lover. She and her husband Keith Urban currently have two other cats named Ginger and Snow.

And another post by Kidman shows that she’s had cats all her life, saying she has “always been a cat girl.”

Despite being a “cat girl,” Kidman also adopted her first-ever dog last year, a puppy named Julies. “Been waiting my whole life for this!” she wrote.

Kidman & Urban also have a farm in Australia where they keeps alpacas, according to an interview with You Magazine.

Congrats to Nicole Kidman and her family on their new rescue cat! Thank you for adopting!

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