Narnia, the cat with two faces, passes on his striking looks to his kittens

Narnia, the cat with two faces, passes on his striking looks to his kittens

Narnia, the cat with two faces, captured the hearts of the nation when he was born in 2017.

Now, the striking Parisian feline has passed on his good looks to the kittens he’s fathered, and his fans can’t get enough of these adorable furballs.

Narnia, who was born in Paris, but now lives in the U.K., has a perfectly symmetrical half gray and half black face; something that not many people have seen before.

Owner Stephanie Jiminez said, β€œWhen Narnia was born I was extremely surprised. I knew immediately that he was exceptional.”

Originally it was thought Narnia was a rare chimera cat. However, Stephanie said that genetic testing proved that wasn’t the case.

β€œA geneticist performed tests and [found] Narnia has only one DNA… there remains a mystery for science,” she explained, per Bored Panda.

Now, Narnia is the proud father of kittens, gray-haired Phoenix and black-haired Prada, who have adopted the fur color of each side of their father’s face.

Stephanie said it wasn’t the first time Narnia has fathered kittens with his beautiful “wife” Bella and all of their babies have been different color variations.

Narnia has fathered two light brown twins, a black cat, a gray one, and two beautiful multicolored boys, Polaris and Phantom. But unlike his latest kittens the other offspring inherited their father’s sparkly blue eyes.

β€œIt is very rare, there are only a few cats in the world that are fully colored and have blue eyes.Β This is a new gene called ‘ice’” said Stephanie, who is a professional cat breeder.

Narnia is soon to be a father again with his kittens due to be born around June 29.

According to Stephanie he is a good dad and “loves playing with his kittens.”

These cats are adorable! I’ve never seen markings like this before.

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