Momma cat steals her baby from the lap of her human owner

Momma cat steals her baby from the lap of her human owner

We are all aware of the strong bond between mother and child, there isn’t anything a mom won’t do to make sure her child is safe.

The same can be said for the animal kingdom but rarely do we witness it. In this video posted on YouTube of a cat mom and her kittens we can see the protective nature of these gorgeous creatures up close and personal.

More than 2 million people have already viewed this adorable clip and when you see it you’ll understand why.


After this gorgeous black and white cat mom gave birth to kittens, she can be seen tending to her new litter in a box filled with soft blankets.

Her excited owner picks one of the kittens up to give her some pets while the mom cat can be seen in the background never once taking her eye of her baby.

The man puts the small creature on his lap and enjoys a brief moment with this adorable bundle of fur – that is until the baby kitten starts to cry.


All moms can relate to the moment you hear your baby cry and the urgency you feel in attending to your child. The same can be seen in this cat mom.

At first, the mother cat seems content to allow the man to handle her babies but as soon as the crying starts it’s all over.

She leaps out of her box and starts making her way toward her needy baby. Jumping onto the man’s lap, he tries to reassure her that her baby is okay but she clearly has other plans.


Taking her baby by the scruff of its neck and carrying him back to the box she then starts cleaning him.

After making sure her baby was safe, the mother cat lied down and relaxed again. The kittens then nuzzle up to their mother and seem more content.

One person commented on the video: “The look of ‘don’t do it again’ at the end” which really does sum up the final look momma cat gives her human owner.

See for yourself in the adorable clip below.

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