Mom cat feeds her ”kittens”, lifts her paw and shows what’s underneath

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing parents spend quality time with their kids, and this goes for the animal kingdom too.

Seeing a mom feed her young and groom them is a beautiful thing and one that all parents can relate to.

This cat mother in the video below looks very content feeding her little ones. The look on her face is pure contentment.

But look closely at her kittens, some of them aren’t exactly what you would expect.



Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

They are not the usual kids a cat mother is expected to take care of … But she still loves these kids, reports Inside Edition .

The cat mother, called Pusha, lives in Bakhchisaray, Crimea, and it was after she gave birth to four of her own kittens that she was given extra babies to take care of.

Four baby squirrels were left without their mom. But with a little help from some human friends were able to find a new loving mom in Pusha.

Pusha ensures that they still get the motherly bond they need.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The video of this kind-hearted cat taking care of the four orphaned squirrels quickly went viral.

Watch Pusha taking care of her kittens and squirrels – side by side in the video below. What an excellent mother!

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