Meet Thor, the most beautiful bengal cat in the world!

Isn’t bengal cat Thor one of the most beautiful cats you’ve ever seen?

His leopard-colored fur and electric green eyes are truly incredible.

Now Thor has become an internet sensation after his photos were published online – and it’s not hard to see why!

A bengal cat is a short-haired breed, and is a mix of a domestic cat and a leopard. They make completely tame pets, but they still look like mini-leopards with their long and lean bodies.

Just look at these incredible photos of Thor…

Thor’s owner and servant, Rani Cucicov, fell in love with Thor’s charms and fur when she found him at a cattery in the Netherlands back in 2013.

“We actually came to look at another kitten, but then the breeder said she had another one that was available and then she came with Thor in her hands,” Cucicov told HuffPost.


“We immediately fell in love with his beautiful ‘orange brown’ colors.”

And of course, Thor’s gorgeous fur has helped launched him to internet superstardom. His Instagram account has 200 000 dedicated fans right now.

Thor is very similar to a tiger – he’s a dominant king in the house and he want to be treated as such.

But, let’s not forget that he’s loving and cuddly most of the time, according to Rani.

With stripes like a tiger and spots like a leopard, this Bengal cat is one the most beautiful creature I’ve seen on the Internet these days.


He may look exotic, mysterious and like a wild animal in photos, but Thor has his silly side as well.

“He loves to chase flies!” Rani said. “That comes in handy for us because we don’t need a fly catcher in the house.”

Some people don’t even believe Thor’s fur is real. And I can understand them, I mean – is it even possible to be this magnificent?


“The funniest thing I read was that people were saying that Thor wasn’t real and that we just photoshopped a cat and added a tigers body,” she said. “Of course this isn’t true. Thor is real and definitely not photoshopped or anything. There are pictures with filters which we put on instagram or where we put more shadow etc. because the picture is too clear or light and, of course, we try to make him look best,but we never fake his colors nor photoshop him to look like a tiger or something,” Rani says.

Thor, you’re stunningly beautiful – and one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen❤️


Wow, I want one. Look at the markings and colour, amazing!

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