Meet the rare curly “poodle” cat that loves clowning around

When someone says “poodle” I immediately think of dogs. That was until I saw that there was something as adorable as a “poodle” cats. 

These beautiful cats have the most unusual curly coat, even their whiskers are curly and they love hugs.

They’re called Selkirk Rex cats and have only been around since 1987 when one was born in a litter of straight-haired cats as the result of a union between a blue tortoise cat and a white cat.

The “cat in sheep’s clothing” as they are sometimes called are extremely docile and love all the attention; they are especially good with kids, if they know how to handle them properly.


As the only breed to be named after a person, their Montana-based breeder’s stepfather, they are the product of a natural mutation and although extremely rare, they are gaining in popularity.

Their gorgeous curly coat doesn’t even require a lot of grooming, just a brush once a week, and they don’t shed much; they also make great indoor cats.

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If you give her the care she needs – brushing her teeth and feeding her well-balanced meals – “your fur baby will return the favor with all the love she has to offer, which is a lot,” according to

“The Selkirk has a silly side and is sometimes described as clownish,” explains Vetstreet, and “loves being a lap cat and will be happy to chat with you in a quiet voice.” 

I’ve never seen a cat so beautiful; I want one! Please share if you too fell in love with this breed of cat.