Meet Max the giant Lynx who turns into the biggest softy when you pet him

As soft and as furry as big cats are, their sharp claws, hunting instinct and an ability to run very fast makes them very scary up close and personal.

But one big cat is challenging this stereotype by turning into the biggest sweetheart when petted.

Max looks like a giant adorable house cat at first sight but when you learn what he really is you may feel like taking a few steps away. Max is a Canada Lynx and has his own indoor and outdoor enclosure.

Honest to Paws

He was born at a zoo and helps to educate the public on his species, which is native to North America, and what we can do to help conserve these beautiful creatures.

According to Max is not completely domesticated but not wild either. However, he becomes the cutest furball when given all the love.

Max still has wild tendencies, which is why he’s kept in an enclosure and the public are not allowed to touch him.

According to Wildlife Bernie, who posted a video of Max on YouTube this lovable furball “weighs 40 pounds (in winter) and in summer about 34.

Honest to Paws

“This video is NOT taken in my home but where he has an indoor enclosure. This is Max’s rug with his fur, straw and other scents that he loves. He doesn’t like the vacuum. Max also has outdoor housing where he spends most of his time,” he writes.

Listen to the loudest purr coming from gorgeous Max in the clip below.

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